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Dr. Ho Koon Sing, Gray
Department of Chemistry
Appointed in 2014, Dr. Gray Ho has rapidly made a highly favourable impact as a passionate and innovative teacher, more than willing to undertake a relatively heavy load of lectures across a broad range of subjects. He has taught both undergraduates and postgraduates and most of the courses are at advanced levels.

Despite the full schedule, Dr. Ho’s teaching performance has been consistently excellent, with his teaching evaluation scores well above the departmental and faculty averages. Dr. Ho is also supervising MSc students for their dissertation projects. The supervision was of such high quality that almost all the students achieved excellent results, with one published in a peer-reviewed journal. Further, he has been teacher-in-charge of a range of his Department’s laboratory courses.

In addition, Dr. Ho has made considerable contributions to the development and revision of courses and programmes. He developed two new teaching courses, namely Nanomaterial Analysis at the MSc level and Science, Culture and Society for General Education. He also re-designed a major elective course, Forensic Analytical Chemistry at the BSc level. Currently he is involved in developing a new elective course at the BSc level and new courses as part of the reformed structure of General Education programmes.

To further advance his teaching practices, Dr. Ho obtained a Teaching Development Grant for the project “Development of Question Bank for Proficiency Test and Mobile Application in Analytical Sciences”. An educational mobile application has been developed called “Analytical Chemistry Challenge”, which provides students a platform to learn chemistry in a more personalised manner. As a measure of the innovation’s success, around 1,700 users in 120 countries have used the application since its launch in April 2017.

With support from the University Grants Committee’s Funding Scheme for Teaching and Learning, Dr. Ho participated in the development of smartphone colorimetry to enrich students’ learning experience by enabling them to perform colorimetric experiments at any place.

Dr. Ho has served as Internship Coordinator for the BSc programmes and as Seminar Coordinator for the MSc programme of Analytical Chemistry. He is also a team member in the Community of Practice project of “Enhancing Student Learning through Holistic Mentoring Programme and Comprehensive Proficiency Test in Analytical Sciences”.

Constantly mindful of the well-being of his students, Dr. Ho completed a Mental Health First Aid Course and participated in the University’s “Academic Home” that provides support and guidance for exchange students.

In recognition of the tireless energy, creativity and care for his students that Dr. Ho brings to all aspects of his teaching practices at his early career stage, the Selection Committee recommends Dr. Ho as a recipient of the President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Early Career Teaching.