Bachelor of Science (JUPAS Code: JS2510)

Major Programmes

Programme Structure

Students will be admitted on a Faculty basis with broad-based education in all scientific fields in Year 1. It allows students to explore and experience various scientific disciplines before choosing their Major programme at the end of Year 1. To graduate, students are required to complete a total of 128 units#.

>> Detailed Programme Structure <<

#129 units for BSc (Hons) in Bioresource and Agricultural Science
#128 units in HKBU and 120 units in Simon Fraser University for BSc (Hons) in Mathematics and Statistics and BSc in Actuarial Science

List of Major Programmes (for 2019 Entry)

BSc (Hons) in Bioresource and Agricultural Science

The programme is the first and unique agriculture related professional programme in Hong Kong, which focuses on the integration of agriculture with bioresource management with the aim of cultivating an understanding of the social, ecological and environmental significance of agricultural practices and bioresource conservation from the perspective of sustainability. Graduates will be provided with hands-on experience in agricultural technology and bioresource conservation required for an array of bioresource, agriculture, and environmental related professions, including agribusiness, consultancy, research and development, non-governmental organizations, green groups, government departments (e.g. AFCD, EPD, LCSD), property management, etc. To equip students with real world experience, students will be offered experiential internship opportunities, and professional Organic Inspection Certificate Training by the International Organic Inspectors Association to enable them to carry out organic inspections worldwide.

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BSc (Hons) in Applied Biology

The Applied Biology programme is structured to provide the necessary background and training in the biological sciences to meet local needs in the fields of agriculture and fisheries, biotechnology, conservation, environmental monitoring and pollution control, health and sanitation.

  • Biotechnology Concentration
    This concentration is structured to nurture students with the basic and up-to date knowledge and techniques of biotechnology including molecular biology, immunology, and fermentation and enzyme technology.
  • Environmental Science Concentration
    This concentration is designed to train students with understanding in biological and chemical basis of environmental problems, their control and management, as well as the restoration and remediation of degraded or derelict lands and ecosystems.
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BSc (Hons) in Analytical and Testing Sciences

  • The aim of the programme is to provide students with a broad-based training in major scientific disciplines to support their study in analytical and testing science which is multi-disciplinary in nature.
  • The programme emphasizes on developing students' analytical mind and good problem-solving skills needed to solve the diversity of problems encountered in their future career.
  • The programme will equip students with the knowledge and practical skills to contribute to the growing analytical and testing industry.
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BSc (Hons) in Chemistry

The overall aim of the Chemistry programme is to provide students with a strong foundation in all principal areas of chemical science and knowledge in developing career and solving real-life chemical problems, including those in the environmental area, and to meet the needs from government, education, industrial or commercial sectors. The curriculum is designed to equip students with ample knowledge in both pure and applied chemistry so that you are adequately and flexibly trained for both employment and postgraduate studies locally or overseas.

Students admitted into this programme will be introduced to fundamental principles of all principal branches of chemistry and other related scientific disciplines. Knowledge in more specialized areas of chemistry will be acquired through a variety of Major elective courses. Research experience and hands-on laboratory skills are gained through a required Final Year Project.

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BSc (Hons) in Computer Science

The general aim of BSc (Hons) in Computer Science, with accreditation by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers^, is to prepare students for a career in computer science or information technology related areas. Students will be equipped to work in the Information and Communication Technology industry or pursue postgraduate study in Hong Kong or abroad. Graduates of this programme will have learnt how to learn and, have the skills and confidence to meet the challenges in the rapidly changing information technology world.

This programme offers three concentrations of study#:

  • Computing and Software Technologies Concentration

    This concentration equips students with concepts, principles and practices of computing and software technologies to contribute to technological innovations.

  • Information Systems and Analytics Concentration

    This concentration equips students with knowledge and practices of information systems design, development and integration, as well as information analytics skills for creative applications in real-world organizations.

  • Data and Media Communication Concentration

    This is an interdisciplinary concentration co-offered with the Department of Journalism, School of Communication. It emphasizes both data analytics and journalistic principles and skills for media organizations as well as related industries.

Students are able to gain IT work experience training through summer internship and 1-year placement opportunities. Also, the programme offers diversified overseas outreach opportunities for students such as study tours, overseas internship, overseas summer research programme and overseas study exchange.

^ Full accreditation has been granted for CST concentration, ISA concentration and double concentrations (CST+ DMC and ISA+DMC).
# Double Concentration Options: CST / ISA students are eligible to take DMC as the second concentration.

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BSc (Hons) in Physics and Green Energy

The BSc (Hons) in Physics and Green Energy prepares students for a career in Applied Physics or the Green Energy sector. Two study concentrations are offered: (i) Applied Physics, and (ii) Energy Management and Technology (with a focus on energy audit, energy-saving and renewable energy technologies).

(i) Applied Physics Concentration: This concentration provides analytical and practical knowledge and skills for students interested in pursuing a future career in technology development and application, innovation as well as research in advanced topics. Graduates will find employment in high-tech companies and industries, or continue post-graduate study in world-renowned universities.

(ii) Energy Management and Technology Concentration: This concentration is aligned with the international certificate program, Certified Energy Manager (CEM), in collaboration with the Association of Energy Engineer Hong Kong. Students can obtain global CEM certification after passing the CEM examination with appropriate working experience*. Besides in-class learning and projects, students also have internship opportunities (e.g., CLP, EMSD, Hong Kong Jockey Club), which will prepare them to be Green Energy professionals working in, such as energy audit and consulting, energy/utility companies, green building and energy conservation.

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BSc (Hons) in Mathematics and Statistics

  • This programme is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in mathematical and statistical concepts with an aim towards developing logical thinking and analytical skills that are applicable to various career fields.
  • Special emphasis on applications in industrial and commercial areas is stressed, and students are well trained in the use of various computer software packages to solve real-life problems in management science, logistics, computer visualization, computational finance, engineering design, actuarial science, clinical research, industrial applications, social science research and others.
  • Concentration options in Operations Research, Scientific Computing, Quantitative Data Analysis, Financial Risk Management (jointly offered with School of Business) and Actuarial Statistics (jointly offered with Simon Fraser University, Canada) are available.

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BSc (Hons) in Mathematics and Statistics and
BSc in Actuarial Science

This programme is jointly offered by the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) and Simon Fraser University (SFU). The double degree approach leverages the quantitative and market skills of mathematics, statistics and actuarial science with corporate financial management practices. As such, this programme between HKBU and SFU has many elements, such as risk assessment and market structure, which are not in current course offerings at HKBU. Thus, the programme, while having finance at its heart, represents a unique combination of skills from mathematics, statistics and actuarial science.

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