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Sciblade - Linux-based Blade Cluster

Sciblade is the latest Linux PC cluster of HPCCC installed at May 2009. This cluster supports research activities which require intensive computing power, from the University and four other local universities.

The cluster contains 2,048 cores within 256 Dell PowerEdge M600 blade compute nodes, three PowerEdge 2950 I/O nodes and two PowerEdge 1950 login/management nodes. All compute nodes are connected via the InfiniBand(IB) interconnect.

The introduction of the PC cluster is the result of a joint project led by the former director of HPCCC, Professor Liao Lizhi, with team members from HKBU and four other local universities. It is supported by the local Research Grants Council and the University. The cluster was ranked as the most powerful academic supercomputer in Hong Kong at Top500 supercomputer list on June 2009. Dell and Intel provided advice and technical assistance throughout the process of facility installation and testing.

System Name:Sciblade
Host Name:blade02.sci.hkbu;
IP Address:
Operating System:Linux
Number of Processing Cores:2048
Peak Performance:21.79TFlops
Benchmark Result:17.38TFlops
Storage:Shared - 3TB
Local - 18TB(73GB per node)

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