1. About the Programme


The one-year programme commencing in every October aims to enhance the exposure of HKBU Science students, enrich their social life through mentor-mentee connections, boost their confidence and be competitive in job hunting through consultation and experience sharing with mentors.

Mentorship is a structured partnership between a mentor and 2 – 3 mentees. All Science undergraduate students are eligible to join this programme.



General Information

  • Eligibility: All Science Undergraduate students

  • Duration: October 2023 – September 2024

  • Structure: A mentor with 2 – 3 mentees

2. Responsibilities of Mentors and Mentees


For Mentors
  • • Provide practical advice and guidance to mentees on their studies and future plans

  • • Provide mentees with advice and assistance in identifying personal development needs and how to address these

  • • Provide a confidential and personalised source of career advice, support and guidance to mentees

  • • Keep regular face-to-face meeting with mentees and maintain frequent contact with them


For Mentees
  • • Take initiative and make regular contact with your mentor

  • • Take the lead in scheduling meeting times and locations for promoting mentor-mentee relationship

  • • Prepare some topics for discussion before you meet your mentor

  • • Be open-minded in sharing with your mentor

  • • Respect your mentor in all kinds of communication

  • • Keep record of your experience with your mentor

  • • Observe general etiquette standards, i.e. be punctual and courteous

3. Selection and Matching


The selection and matching process will be undertaken by the Faculty and is primarily based on the similarities of mentors’ and mentees’ academic field of study. Should a mentor/mentee like the Faculty to allocate him/her a mentor coming from a different academic/professional background, he/she is most welcome to indicate his/her preference on the online application form.

4. Mentoring Format & Process


4.1 Mentorship Format

    Step 1
    Expectations & Goals

    • Mentors and mentees are advised to discuss the suitable format and the goals of the mentorship, and accomplish together
    • Mentees may bring in their questions on personal and career development. Mentors can help them identify their strengths, weaknesses and needs, hence provide appropriate guidance

    Step 2
    Initiate Activities

    • Mentees should be proactive in reaching out to and scheduling meetings with mentors, take the lead to initiate activities and create an agenda for each mentor-mentor meeting
    • Invite mentors for events/activities organized at the Faculty/Departmental level

    Step 3

    • Both mentors and mentees are advised to establish and continuously review the goals
    • Mentees are required to submit one interim report and one evaluation report with photos/a short sharing to the Faculty for record purposes


4.2 Mentoring Activities

    Self-initiated Activities

    • Educational activities (e.g. sharing of academic articles/books; attending professional conferences/seminars/workshops; and working on educational projects, etc.)
    • Social, cultural and sports activities (e.g. going out for lunch/ dinner/tea; arranging campus visits; and engaging in sports, recreational and cultural activities, etc.)
    • Any other activities considered appropriate
    • The mentoring activities are preferred to have a third party present or conduct in a public place when both the mentor and mentee are of the opposite sex

    Faculty Activities

    • Mentors and mentees are encouraged to join Faculty activities together, such as Inauguration Ceremony and Spring Gathering
    • The Faculty will also organize outdoor activities from time to time for all mentor-mentee groups, such as hiking, picnics and doing sports.


4.3 Means of Communication

    For mentoring to thrive, a solid relationship needs to be formed between a mentor and a mentee. Therefore, it is important that they should agree on the level of commitment, mode and frequency of interaction at the outset and that a periodic communication be maintained through emails, social media, phone calls, or any other forms as mutually agreed by the mentor and mentee. Mentees should actively take initiatives to reach out to their mentors.

5. Faculty Support

To ensure a rewarding mentor-mentee relationship, the Faculty will provide the following support:



Inauguration Ceremony in October/November
Mentors and mentees will be well informed of the programme goals, participant roles, mentoring best practices and mentoring process.


Periodic Review
Mentees are required to submit an interim report in March and an evaluation report in August to the Faculty with an intention to address any key issues.


Continuous Improvement
With feedback from mentors and mentees, the Faculty is committed to the ongoing development of the programme. Both mentors and mentees are welcome to contact the responsible staff who is there to provide support, identify opportunities and troubleshoot issues and work with the stakeholders to make ongoing adjustments to keep the programme thriving.


On/Off-campus activities
Both mentors and mentees will be invited by the Faculty to join outdoor activities to signify the next phrase of the mentoring connection under the programme. The gatherings aim to provide opportunities for both mentors and mentees to reflect upon their experience in the mentoring process as well as occasions for the Faculty to express gratitude to all stakeholders for their contributions to the programme.


Re-matching/Withdrawal Mechanism
Under special circumstances, request for change of mentor/mentee and withdrawal from the programme will be handled by the Faculty on a case by case basis with justifiable reasons.

6. Programme Timeline for 2023/24


    Tentative Dates*

    Event / Activity

    Early – Mid September 2023

    - Programme Promotion;
    - Mentors and Mentees Recruitment

    Late September 2023

    - Mentor-Mentee Matching;
    - Announcement of Matching Results to Mentors and Mentees

    October 2023 – September 2024

    Mentorship Period

    13 October 2023

    Kick-off Gathering

    20 January 2024

    1st Off-campus activity – Visit to Lamma Island

    9 March 2024

    Spring Gathering

    March 2024

    Submission of Interim Report by Mentees

    11 May 2024

    2nd Off-campus activity

    31 August 2024

    Submission of Evaluation Report by Mentees

    Mid September 2024

    - Wrap-up Gathering
    - End of Programme

*Dates are tentative and subject to change. Details will be confirmed and announced in due course.

Application Details



    Online Application
  • - Application Deadline: 17 September 2023 (Sunday)

  • - Matching result announcement: Late September 2023

Past Events


Maisie Chow

  • (+852) 3411 2372

Sarah Lo

  • (+852) 3411 5887