Bachelor of Science (JUPAS Code: JS2510)

Student Life

The Faculty of Science strives to nurture students to become all-rounded global citizens, to initiate and act upon ideas, both within the campus and beyond.

Experiential & Service Learning

Chemistry students participated in crime scene investigation.

The Department of Computer Science organized the Joint Workshop on Design for Sustainability with the Unit of Design of Kyoto University, Japan and the Institute of Creative Industries Design of National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, in Kyoto and Hong Kong.

Biology students joined Summer experimental studies in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Physics students were supported to participate in the World Energy Engineering Congress in USA from 2014 to 2019.

Field excursion of Biology students at Madagascar, East Africa.

Biology students assisted in field surveys for marine protection in the Marine Megafauna Foundation, Indonesia.

Nature exploration trips were held in Sabah, Malaysia and Sri Lanka for Biology students to overseas biodiversity hotspots in summer.

Biology students attended a Taipei Waste Management Facilities Study Tour to learn the basic theories and techniques of related technology and engineering through visits and field trips.

Chemistry students conducted water tests in the field trip in Taiwan.

Joint Workshop with Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Tokyo, Japan.

Joint Workshop on Mathematical Sciences with National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan.

Chemistry students contributed their food analysis knowledge and service to the Foodlink Foundation - a local food charity. They collected surplus food and bread from hotels and bakeries and helped out in the delivery of these food to the needy people in Hong Kong.

Service Learning Project of “Fermentation and Enzyme Technology”

In collaboration with a NGO - Unison Hope, Biology students served as mentors to students with financial difficulties from a local community and performed demonstrations on the fermentation process, its significance and applications using home-made fermented food as examples. Another key feature was to empower participants develop small goals to achieve transformation in life in the same way as wine fermentation and vintage.

Service Learning Project of “Environment Health and Toxicology”

Biology students prepared a series of toxicology-related posters and presented to more than hundred local secondary school students.

Biology undergraduate student served as demonstrator in GMF Summer Workshop

Genetically Modified Food Summer Workshop was organized by the Department of Biology for enhancing students’ interest in learning biology and broadening their horizons on biotechnology. Our Biology undergraduate students served as demonstrators and led the experiment with secondary school students.


"I joined the Post-Secondary Student Summer Internship Programme in the Census and Statistics Department. I mainly worked with the statistical officers and assisted in 2018 Annual Earnings and Hours Survey. During the work, I developed a decent statistical knowledge and programming skills by editing survey, conducting research and analyzing data. This valuable experience would definitely help me pursue my career in the field of Statistics."

NGAN Chi Keung
Statistics and Operations Research, Year 4

Census and Statistics Department
The Government of HKSAR

"It is my honor to have joined the Conservation Office summer internship. I learned how to communicate with other colleagues and how to develop an analytical method to analyze the data efficiently and accurately."

TAM Pui Lam
Analytical and Testing Sciences, Year 3

Conservation Office
Museum of Arts

"I am grateful to have this valuable opportunity to have gained practical experiences and known more about urban farming. I performed all-rounded tasks, including watering, sowing, planting, and producing self-watering planter boxes. I strongly believe that these experiences will help me better prepare for my future studies and careers. Besides, I met many farming lovers during my internship which I learnt a lot from them. Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who offered help and gave me this valuable internship."

TO Wang Hei
Bioresource and Agricultural Science, Year 2

City Farm

"I was given the opportunities to assist in flora conservation, like afforestation and tree caring. Working there was a great experience for me in not only learning practical knowledge, but also improving my communication skill and bettering my understanding of the professional workplace."

AU Ming Fung Franco
Applied Biology, Year 4

Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department
The Government of the HKSAR

"My job duty was investigating the water pollution problem in conventional treatment facilities and evaluation of the latest sewage treatment facilitates. During this internship, I have learned more knowledge about sewage treatment system and known the operation of EPD."

TSEUNG Tsau Fong
Applied Biology, Year 4

Environmental Protection Department
The Government of the HKSAR

"It was a great experience to be more familiar with C&SD, understand the daily operation and adapt to work environment. Through this program, I understand that I not only have lacked the knowledge on books, but also the practice in workplace. It was a good opportunity for me to prepare myself for my future career."

CHIU Pit Ho Patrick
Mathematics and Statistics, Year 2

Census and Statistics Department
The Government of the HKSAR

"It was an interesting experience interning at HKO as I learned the usage of data extraction and analysis in daily life aside from what was taught in a classroom."

YEAP Yee See Jamie
Mathematics and Statistics, Year 3

Hong Kong Observatory
The Government of the HKSAR

"Three-month intense experience at Merrill Lynch was one of the best experiences to learn how technology has lifted the efficiency and safety of investment banks. It seemed a big jump from Statistics major to CS work, doing the role as Global Technology Analyst has given me a whole new view looking at the value of data in the finance industry."

WANG Hanyuan
Statistics and Operations Research, Year 4

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

"I could see how HK Electric cooperated with the government energy policies such as the Scheme of Control Agreement (SCA) and 2030+ by implementing a plenty of schemes in the company to the society and enterprises."

HUYNH Ka Chun Kennie
Physics and Green Energy, Year 4

HK Electric

"I had the chance to do different kinds of gardening works such as weeding, planting, seeding, watering, removal and installation of surface. I also followed the guided tour for a few times that introduced the new idea and design related to environmental protection, energy saving and greening."

CHAN Wing Sze
Applied Biology, Year 3

Scandinavian Green Roof Institute, Sweden

"I have gained unforgettable and colorful internship experience. What impressed me the most was the relaxing office atmosphere. Moreover, Italy is a romantic and historical country."

JIN Tian
Computer Science, Year 3

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Perugia, Italy

"Having an internship in RICS Oceania was an invaluable experience. I gained some insights into the real estate industry and an overview of the operation of RICS."

KO Yi Man, Chloe (1st row, 2nd from the left)
Statistics and Operations Research, Year 4

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Oceania (RICS), Australia

"I did a summer internship in the financial department of the Museum of Science and Industry, one of the famous museums in the United States. I collected and compared financial data over the years in this museum. Searching financial report of other museums and analyzing and visualizing them was a great experience for me."

WANG Boxuan
Mathematics and Statistics, Year 2

The Museum of Science and Industry, USA

Undergraduate Research Experiences

"This summer research programme provided me with a valuable chance to know more about how to conduct research in Mathematics. I understood what it would be like to pursue an academic research pathway. Furthermore, I was very surprised when I could actually apply the knowledge I learned from lessons to the research project. It allowed me to reinforce my knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of my research topic."

Mathematics and Statistics, Year 3

Hong Kong Baptist University

"Although I had to admit that taking 5 STAT courses each term was super tired and even frustrated sometimes, I did feel more than worthy to do so because the teaching here weighted practical application a lot, which pushed me to handle R, SAS and MATLAB well, and I believed this would help me a lot in both my future research and career.

I feel very grateful that Professor Lockhart provided me this chance to work with him during the 2019 summer, which provided me another chance to learn things way beyond knowledge!"

DENG Yuli (left)
Mathematics and Statistics, Year 3

Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science,
Simon Fraser University, Canada

"The research trip in Denmark was a very valuable experience for me. I viewed a lot of beautiful sceneries, got some interesting stories and met many cute people. It trained me in both life skills and academic research."

WANG Haixin (3rd from right)
Computer Science, Year 4

The Center for Data Intensive Systems,
University of Aalborg, Denmark

"The most fulfilling experience in my undergraduate study was conducting research under the kind guidance of Professor Changsong Zhou in computational neuroscience and obtaining a scholarship to attend the Spring College in Physics in Italy in 2018.

The first-hand research was eye-opening, and I was fascinated by how physics contributed to exciting problems in biological systems and intelligence."

LI Zeqian
Green Energy Science, Year 4

The Spring College on the Physics of Complex Systems, Italy

"As an undergraduate student, participating in an ongoing cognitive and sensory capabilities research of bottlenose dolphins was a marvelous experience. I gained better understanding on how a research runs, also all the data processing and analysis."

CHEUK Lai Ying (right)
Applied Biology, Year 4

Tropical Marine Science Institute,
National University, Singapore

"The Department has been offering a variety of international learning experience. I was honored to be selected and supported to participate in the undergraduate overseas summer research scheme to go to Nanyang Technological University in Singapore as a visiting student. The experience of interacting with professors and students in this top-ranked university widened my horizon and was undoubtedly beneficial to my future study."

NG Kwan Ho
Computer Science, Year 4

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

"This summer I undertook a research internship in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. It was the first time I had been to Shanghai and stayed there for one and a half months. This opportunity was indispensable in giving me exposure to the field of research and also helping me decide my future career path."

Applied Biology, Year 4

Shanghai Center for System Biomedicine
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai

"My summer research project was about Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) LIDAR analysis using data mining methods and it was supervised by Prof. Michael Ng. During the project, I developed a data mining algorithm including a way of data preprocessing and an allocation rule, which has got high prediction accuracy for windshear. In June 2018, I did an oral presentation about the project results at INFORMS International Conference 2018."

HUANG Jingyan
Mathematics & Statistics, Year 4

Oral Presentation at INFORMS International Conference 2018, Taipei

"It was an honor to participate in the summer research programme. I learned a lot of things that cannot be learned from lectures like laboratory works. Also, I feel very thankful that I could have a “taste” of research. It was challenging but interesting and meaningful."

CHING Yin Cheung
Chemistry, Year 4

Hong Kong Baptist University

Overseas Research Scholarship Scheme for Outstanding Students

"It was my first time to leave home for one month and Canada was a totally new place to me. Living in a foreign country, I had to adapt to the pace of life, cultures, even the language since the official language of Quebec is French.

I would say stepping out of the comfort zone and living in a foreign country was a wonderful experience. It was a great opportunity for me to study in a research center and work under the guidance of an exceptional professor on a new topic."

CHIU Pui Yan
Applied Biology, Year 3

Université du Québec, Canada

"It was a wonderful moment to work in one of the best universities in the world, Imperial College London. I was able to participate in cutting-edge research and worked under supervision of a distinguished professor. The hands-on experience and the chemistry knowledge that I gained in this programme will be beneficial to my future."

MAK Ho Nam
Chemistry, Year 3

Imperial College London, United Kingdom

"McGill University is a world-famous university and ranks first in Canada. People there are very kind, helpful and professional. I feel much honored to have a chance working there with many intelligent minds. The city Montréal itself is also fascinating, vibrant and full of activities like music festivals and sport games. It is a very lovely place to spend the summer!"

TAN Shuyao (right)
Computer Science, Year 3

McGill University, Canada

"In the past summer research, I spent a great time in Singapore, practised web scraping techniques and learned much about text analysis. Besides, what Singapore amazed me is their Green City Planning. I love seeing buildings that incorporate trees into their design, coming in and out of the walls and windows."

WAN XinYao
Computer Science, Year 3

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

"My summer research experience in McGill University was fruitful and enjoyable. Not only did I conduct my research in a top-notch overseas university under supervision of distinguished professors, but I also enjoyed the culture and attractions in Canada. This research experience is essential to me because I would like to pursue a PhD programme after my graduation."

YAN Yinzhao
Computer Science, Year 3

McGill University, Canada

"Over the past two months, this summer research not only enriched my professional knowledge, but also made me understand more about the significant components of doing research and how to become a future scholar."

LIU Mufeng
Mathematics & Statistics, Year 3

Renmin University, Mainland China

"What comes to my mind at first is that the experience of this overseas research was fantastic! This overseas programme not only broadened my knowledge of mathematics but also gave me a chance of experiencing the local history and custom. It was my pleasure working with two amazing professors, Prof Irina Markina and Prof Xuecheng TAI. Their professional advice and guidance deepened my understanding of the process of doing research."

QUAN Xueyang
Mathematics & Statistics, Year 3

University of Bergen, Norway

Global Exposure

"During the Study Abroad Programme, I explored not only Canada but also some other cities in North America with other newly-met exchange students. I also had the opportunity to travel independently where I have met many locals, as well as travelers from around the globe, which enabled me to have a better understanding of my destinations.

The differences in our mindsets, cultures and experiences allowed me to discover the world with new perspectives."

WAT Ting Him (3rd from the left)
Chemistry, Year 4;

Dalhousie University, Canada

"One good thing about my time in Canada is that it has played a crucial role in making me a more independent person. I used to rely on others for many of my problems: I always turned to my parents when I encountered difficulties in life and friends when I had questions in study. When I first came to Canada, the completely unfamiliar environment, far away from my family and friends, forced me to solve all the problems on my own. It was very challenging but a good chance for me to improve my life skills and learning abilities."

HU Xinyue
Computer Science, Year 2

McGill University, Canada

"It was my great honour to be awarded the Innovation and Technology Scholarship Award Scheme, which provided me an opportunity to visit King's College London for a semester to broaden my horizons, to experience various cultures and to strengthen practical skills through experiments. Studying at HKBU with tremendous learning opportunities also inspires me to pursue my dream - to devote myself to science and contribute to the society."

Chemistry, Year 4

King’s College London

"Travelling abroad for study might seem adventurous and crazy in 2021, but looking back to the past semester, I am still excited and proud of my experience. I would say that the semester at McGill University is the highlight of my university life.

I had been so excited and nervous before I started my adventure studying at McGill. The courses looked very interesting and challenging. I had worried if I could handle them well, but it turned out that the professors made the contents perfectly comprehensive, and the tutors were very knowledgeable and helpful, too. The whole experience had intrinsically motivated me to pursue my personal excellence in my future study and career."

CHEN Dezhi
Computer Science, Year 3

McGill University, Canada

"Attending Cal's Startup Semester Programme was the best and rewarding decision that I have ever made in my university life, which definitely reshaped my behaviours, mindset and even personality. It gave me a clearer direction and goal for my future career, and broadened my social network, as well as my horizons and interests."

LIN Tong
Computer Science, Year 3

UC Berkeley, USA

"Startup Semester was a well-designed programme to develop entrepreneurship skills and knowledge. The courses were practical, and the professors shared their past experiences in startups. Thus, I have gained greater insights into the business world.

I also enjoyed the learning atmosphere as my classmates actively participated in class discussions. Classes were more interactive because class involvement was included as part of our grades."

KHOR Mi Jing
Applied Biology, Year 3

UC Berkeley, USA

"The experience was awesome and meaningful. I learnt snowboarding and skiing and made many friends. The study in Finland was flexible and independent. I could choose exam dates and methods myself and students had much time for discussion and inter-action."

HE Yanjie
Green Energy Science, Year 3

University of Jyväskylä, Finland

"Visiting Norway’s capital Oslo with my Math buddies! We were very hardworking throughout the year and it's time to enjoy ourselves for a while! I was glad to meet these guys and learn under different academic atmosphere."

LAI Ka Hei
Mathematics and Statistics, Year 4

University of Bergen, Norway

"UCO gave me the opportunity to study French for a month and this became one of the amazing experiences in my university life. I not only learnt more about myself but also gained maturity through the challenges I faced during my exchange journey and understanding of another culture to better understand my own culture."

YAU Ka Shun, Gordon (3rd from right)
Mathematics and Statistics, Year 3

Université Catholique de l’Ouest, France

"The two Biology students conducted Dolphin Monitoring with the team at Eckerd College."

TING Jiat Yin (1st from left) and CHEN Tian (1st from right)
Applied Biology, Year 2

Eckerd College, USA

"The Faculty of Science gave me an opportunity to study in Hawaii Pacific University for a semester and this became one of the highlights in my university life. I not only learnt more about myself but also gained maturity through the challenges I faced during my exchange journey and understanding of another culture to better understand my own culture."

WONG Sze Wan Tiffany (left)
Chemistry, Year 4

Hawaii Pacific University, USA

"This summer, I participated in the Vancouver Summer Programme organized by the University of British Columbia. I chose two courses which were Symmetry and Game theory in the integrated science department. My heartfelt gratitude to this wonderful learning trip, I could not only study what I love but also gain more experiences outside classroom and outside China."

WANG Luwei (2nd from right)
Mathematics and Statistics, Year 2

University of British Columbia, Canada

"I was very happy to have the exchange opportunity in UBC this summer. UBC is a big and beautiful campus and the environment there is very comfortable.

This was the first time for me to go abroad alone and I was quite scared and worried, but the professors there were very nice and had helped me a lot. Thanks for their teaching and companionship. I was really happy and had experienced a lot this month. If I had been given one more chance, I would have travelled to the same place."

WONG Wing Yan
Mathematics and Statistics, Year 2

University of British Columbia, Canada

"Through the programme, I had an opportunity to be in touch with wildlife such as Orca in Alert Bay and Steller Sea Lion at the Reed Point Marina. The way Canadians respect animals has reminded my first passion for animals - an eye contact is the strong clue of the companionship. Therefore, we are responsible for their living natural habitat."

LEE Yuk Wa
Applied Biology, Year 3

Global Environmental Leaderships Programme in Canada

"It was a really nice journey to have a chance to study in CS program during the past four years. Through this procedure, I have been exposed to cultural diversity through various overseas programs and seized opportunities research to conduct related to computer vision. Furthermore, I feel really lucky to be able to chase my dreams - pursuing a PhD degree in UC Davis and becoming a researcher in the future."

ZOU Xueyan
Computer Science, Year 4

McGill University, Canada