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  Innovative Solution for Future Competition

10:00 顯示技術 - 從創新至商品化之路
謝國偉 教授

From Innovation To
Commercialization In Display

Department of Physics, HKBU
Prof. Cheah Kok Wai
10:00 科學家,創業路
雷雅萍 博士

From a Scientist to an Entrepreneur
CEO of OPER Technology Limited
Senior Research Associate of Department of Biology

Graduate of BSc (Hons) in Applied
Biology & PhD in Biology, HKBU

Dr. Cathy Lui
11:00 爆趣實用光譜學
張迺豪 教授

Laser Spectroscopy Can Be Fun And Useful
Department of Physics, HKBU
Prof. Cheung Nai Ho
11:00 納米化學與分子機器之醫療價值
梁湛輝 副教授

The Medical Value Of Nanochemistry And Molecular Machines
Department of Chemistry, HKBU
Dr. Ken Leung
  *Talks are subject to change without prior notice. 講座如有更改,恕不另行通知。

Participants need to identify a problem related to “Green Technology & Smart Living” in their daily life and propose a solution by using their scientific knowledge.

Application Deadline
(4 May 2018)
Proposal Submission
(15 May 2018)
Announcement of Proposal Selection
(By 1 June 2018)
Final Competition and Awards Presentation
(5 July 2018)

Eligibility F.3 or above students 参賽資格 中三或以上學生
4 members per team 每隊 4 人
1 team per school 每間學校限派出 1 隊
Proposal Details 報告詳情
Language Chinese or English 語言 中文或英文
Proposal Contents Describe the identified problem and proposed solution 報告內容 描述所發現的問題及建議的解決方案
Submission Format Submit the proposal in PDF format to our email address:
遞交格式 將報告以PDF格式儲存,並發送至我們的電郵地址:
Deadline 15 May 2018 (Friday) at 11:59 pm 截止日期 2018年5月15日(星期五)
Proposal Assessment Criteria
  1. Understanding of the selected problem
  2. Innovativeness of solution
  3. Feasibility of solution
  4. Accuracy of information
  1. 對所選擇之問題的了解
  2. 解決方案的創新性
  3. 解決方案的可行性
  4. 資料的準確性
Announcement of Proposal Selection Result On or before 1 June 2018 (Friday)
*Selected teams will be invited to attend the final competition and present their proposals on site.
報告評選結果公佈 2018年6月1日(星期五) 或之前
Final Competition: Presentation 決賽:演講
Date 5 July 2018 (Thursday) 日期 2018年7月5日(星期四)
Time 9:30 am – 12:00 noon 時間 上午9:30 -下午12:00
Language Cantonese or English 語言 廣東話或英文
Presentation Material Format PowerPoint
If other formats are preferred, please contact the organizer on or before 27 June 2018.
演講材料格式 PowerPoint簡報
Presentation Time per team 10 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for Q&A 每隊演講時間 10分鐘演講及3分鐘問答環節
Presentation Assessment Criteria
  1. Quality of Research and Analysis
  2. Clarity of Presentation
  3. Capability of using scientific knowledge to answer the judges’ questions
  4. Problem solving skills and team spirit
  1. 研究和分析的質量
  2. 演講的清晰度
  3. 運用科學知識來回答評審問題的能力
  4. 解決問題的能力和團隊精神
Awards Presentation 頒奬禮
Date 5 July 2018 (Thursday) 日期 2018年7月5日(星期四)
Time 12:15 pm – 12:30 pm 時間 下午12:15–12:30
  1. Champion: HKD 1,200 Book Coupon with Trophy
  2. 1st Runner-Up: HKD 800 Book Coupon with Trophy
  3. 2nd Runner-Up: HKD 400 Book Coupon with Trophy
*Each finals participant will receive a certificate
  1. 冠軍:港幣 1,200元書券及獎杯乙個
  2. 亞軍:港幣800元書券及獎杯乙個
  3. 季軍:港幣400 元書券及獎杯乙個

  1. 講座及化學魔術表演
    Talks and Chemistry Magic Show

  2. 創科「究」未來比賽 (中三或以上學生)
    Innovative Solution for Future Competition

    (Form 3 or above students)

  3. 「流動應用程式」及「人工智能聊天機械人」工作坊 (中四或以上學生)
    "Mobile App" and "Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatting Robot" Workshop

    (Form 4 or above students)

The following activities will be available from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm on 5 July 2018, no reservation is required.
  1. 參觀實驗室 Laboratory Tours
  2. 遊戲 Games

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