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2011 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Faculty of Science. In launching a series of celebratory activities on this occasion, we wish to commemorate the past achievements and contributions of the Faculty and at the same time pledge our commitment to the future.

The Faculty of Science has come a long way since its establishment in 1961, has grown and evolved in response to the positive demands from the society and in support of its student population. Over the years, the Faculty has expanded and developed to become one of the largest faculties in the University. As at September 2010, we have over 90 professional staff and about 1,436 undergraduates and postgraduates students.

Science education is the key to technological innovations, which fuel the economic growth in a modern society. Our approach to science education focuses on the sharing and cultivation of critical thinking, creativity, global vision, cultural awareness and commitment to the knowledge advancement. While pursuing academic excellence in professional context, the Faculty also strives to foster students' whole-person development and cultivate their sense of social and community responsibility.

In celebrating our jubilee birthday, the Faculty must therefore gratefully thank all our staff, students, alumni, advisors, partners and friends for their warm and indispensable support through these years. Only with your strong support, the Faculty can be confident that our endevour to provide the best education for science students, expand frontier of science knowledge and nurture leaders in the next generation will continue to be successful.

Let me call upon all Faculty members to work closely together for the continued success. I am confident that by building on our solid foundation, the Faculty can scale new heights and meet challenges posed by rapidly changing world.

Prof. Tang Tao

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