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Prof. Liu Jiming
Department of Computer Science
The Selection Committee this year recognizes Professor Liu Jiming as a very outstanding all-round scholar. His exceptional contributions include pioneering new research, establishing the Centre for E-Transformation Research, and having produced distinguished publications. Taking a leading role at the forefront, Professor Liu has broken new grounds in his areas of work and made significant contributions to the advancement of research. He is recognized internationally as the pioneer in the new research areas of Web Intelligence and Autonomy Oriented Computing. His pioneer work on web intelligence has created new domains and attracted scholars worldwide to research further into this area of knowledge - independent research labs and centres on web intelligence have been established by overseas universities; web intelligence becomes the theme, or one of the themes, of international conferences/journals; and more than 500,000 web pages related to web intelligence can now be found via Google search.

Professor Liu is a prolific researcher. He has a distinguished publication record of more than 20 authored or edited research books, all by leading academic publishers, and over 200 articles in refereed journals and conferences. He has successfully led a team of active researchers and professors from the local universities, and obtained a HK$3.8 million RGC Central Allocation Grant, with which he has established the Centre for E-Transformation Research at the University.

Prominent internationally and well-respected in his fields of work, Professor Liu is much sought after to serve as the Chair or keynote speaker in major international conferences. He was an invited plenary speaker at the 2003 International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), the premier conference in AI since 1969. He is also invited to serve on the editorial board of various prestigious academic journals in the field, including IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering. He is equally enthusiastic in building a strong and committed research culture and in helping other researchers to establish exchange and collaboration opportunities in the research community. Professor Liu's exemplary scholarly achievements have no doubt made a great impact on the discipline in both the local and international academia.

Professor Liu's quest and vision for extending his research frontier could perhaps be best reflected in his own words, as delivered in 2005 at the Panel on Data Mining and Web Intelligence, EEE'05,

  • "The next generation of Data Mining and Web Intelligence technologies should enable us to go beyond information search and to gain practical wisdoms of living, working and playing........not only for seamless knowledge and experience sharing, but also for sustainable knowledge creation and scientific or social development."