Bachelor of Science (JUPAS Code: JS2510)

Student Sharing...

Kwok Yan Yi
Chemistry (Year 4 in 2017/18)

King’s College London

It was my great honour to be awarded the Innovation and Technology Scholarship Award Scheme, which provided me an opportunity to visit King's College London for a semester to broaden my horizons, to experience various cultures and to strengthen practical skills through experiments. Studying at HKBU with tremendous learning opportunities also inspires me to pursue my dream - to devote myself to science and contribute to the society.

Cheuk Lai Ying
Applied Biology (Year 4 in 2018/19)

Tropical Marine Science Institute
National University of Singapore

As an undergraduate student, participating in an ongoing cognitive and sensory capabilities research of bottlenose dolphins was a marvelous experience. I gained better understanding on how a research runs, also all the data processing and analysis.

Zou Xueyan
Computer Science (Year 4 in 2017/18)

McGill University (Canada)

This eye-opening trip to Canada gave me a wide exposure to diverse cultures and a deeper understanding of the rapid development of computer science. I am very lucky that the Science Faculty granted me a lot opportunities to chase my dream through various overseas programme in the past four years. I will pursue further studies at the University of California, Davis, USA and plan to become a researcher in the future.

Ngan Chi Keung
Statistics and Operations Research (Year 4 in 2018/19)

Census and Statistics Department
The Government of HKSAR

I joined the Post-Secondary Student Summer Internship Programme in the Census and Statistics Department. I mainly worked with the statistical officers and assisted in 2018 Annual Earnings and Hours Survey. During the work, I developed a decent statistical knowledge and programming skills by editing survey, conducting research and analyzing data. This valuable experience would definitely help me pursue my career in the field of Statistics.