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Prof. Lee Wai Ming, Albert
Department of Chemistry
Professor Albert Lee serves conscientiously and wholeheartedly throughout his past 33 years of service at the University. Professor Lee has always held firm to the belief that academics, as well as undertaking their teaching and research duties, should play a proactive role in serving the University community. He maintains that in fulfilling this role, academics can use their inputs to cultivate a supportive and vibrant environment for the students and the University community as a whole.

Professor Lee's contribution over the years has included serving on more than 40 committees, task forces and working groups. In so doing he has been involved in founding, reviewing and implementing many important policies and strategies for the development of his Faculty and the University. On several occasions, Professor Lee has been called upon to serve on investigative and appeal panels dealing with cases of alleged misconduct by academic colleagues.

As Head of the Chemistry Department from 1989 to 1998, Professor Lee played a pivotal role in advancing the Department's successful development. Under his leadership, the Department almost doubled in size, and the University's first Taught Postgraduate programme, the MSc in Analytical Chemistry, was launched. The programme is a success and enjoys a high reputation in the region. Professor Lee also built up a culture in the Department of offering support and service for the secondary school sector. These outreach programmes included IT in chemistry workshops, science update programmes, professional development programmes and multi-disciplinary courses for teachers and students in local schools.

Upon the invitation of the University in 2012, Professor Lee took up a three-year concurrent appointment as Director of Student Affairs. He accepted the challenge in the belief that an academic in that position could enhance two-way communication between students and the University. His contribution in this capacity is highly appreciated by the University community. In particular, his tireless care for students during the 2014 Occupy Movement is commendable. During his term of the directorship appointment, Professor Lee strived to enrich the University life for students. Various facilities were introduced, such as the iCafe, YM Café and the Learning Commons. A series of General Education courses on Positive Psychology, Personal Development and Service Learning were also developed. Also launched was the full-scale implementation of the Whole Person Development Inventory which provides valuable quantitative evidence on the development of whole person education at the University. In addition, a service and support unit was established for students with disabilities and educational needs.

Professor Lee's service contributions extend far and wide beyond his normal call of academic duties. He truly cares for the well-being and fruitful development of the students and the University. His selfless contributions have earned him the utmost respect from all who have worked with him. The Selection Committee commends Professor Lee for his outstanding service and recommends him for the President's Award for Outstanding Performance in Service.