Bachelor of Science (JUPAS Code: JS2510)

Alumni Sharing

Chao Yang
Physics (2012)

I am now working as a software engineer at Uber Technologies in San Francisco, specializing on machine learning and marketplace optimization to make Uber more efficient and intelligent. I am also actively involved self-driving car projects with a hope to contribute to a future with automated transportation system utilizing my understanding of physics, robotics and AI.
Software Engineer

Alex Chan
Statistics and Operations Research (2014)

My undergraduate studies at HKBU have equipped me a solid foundation in statistics and mathematics which acted as indispensable element for my postgraduate studies at Imperial College Business School. The highly technical programme contents and practical experience shared by HKBU professors are also crucial for my career development as a relationship manager in banking.
Relationship Manager

Cathy Lui
Applied Biology (2008)
PhD in Neuroscience (2011)

HKBU does not only nurture me to be a researcher but also transform me to be an entrepreneur. It provides us an intensive platform from academia to industry with an international outlook which expands the horizons of our staff and students. I am so proud to be the student of HKBU Faculty of Science.
OPER Technology Limited