Scholarly Work
Young Researcher
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Dr. Zhou Changsong
Department of Physics
The Selection Committee this year recognizes Dr. Zhou Changsong as an outstanding young researcher because he has made significant contributions to the fields of synchronization properties and hierarchical structure properties complex networked systems, which find applications in the study of information processing in brains. He demonstrates growing maturity in his scholarly work as one of the trendsetting theorists applying complex system theory to neuronal networks.

As a young scholar, Dr. Zhou has an outstanding record of publications in prestigious international refereed journals in the fields of physics mathematics and physics multidisciplinary. His research is considered original and of high quality. Dr. Zhou’s recent publications have been highly cited with an accumulative citation of 2,870 and H-index of 26, which is the maximum within the normal range of around 22-26.

Dr. Zhou has built up strong research strength to work on various aspects of complex systems with neuroscientists worldwide. He maintains and deepens research collaborations with more senior colleagues overseas, but at the same time, Dr. Zhou has demonstrated his independence by starting his own research group locally, and supervising research postgraduate students. Being a well-recognized scholar in the field, Dr. Zhou is frequently invited to give talks at academic conferences.

The Selection Committee is also impressed by Dr. Zhou’s ability to obtain external research grants. Since joining the University only three years ago, Dr. Zhou has secured two RGC grants as the Principal Investigator. Dr. Zhou currently serves as the Associate Director of the Centre for Non-linear Studies as well as the Beijing-Hong Kong-Singapore Joint Centre for Nonlinear and Complex Systems. He organizes two regular research groups’ seminars weekly, building up a vibrant research environment with researchers within and outside the University.

The Selection Committee commends Dr. Zhou as an outstanding young researcher with high potentials to excel in his scholarly work in the international scene, and therefore recommends him to receive the President’s Award for Outstanding Young Researcher.