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Young Researcher
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Dr. Kwok Wing Hong, Felix
Department of Mathematics
Since his appointment in 2014, Dr. Felix Kwok has gained emerging recognition of his international standing as an innovative researcher together with a growing reputation for obtaining research grants.

In his high-impact scholarly work, Dr. Kwok has invented an efficient method for solving equations arising from multiphase porous media flow. This has applications in the simulation of oilfields in the petroleum industry. The paper detailing this method has been cited 66 times, and the method has been further developed by other authors, improving the state of the art of oil reservoir simulation.

For the past few years, Dr. Kwok has also been active in the area of domain decomposition methods, where the goal is to accelerate numerical solution of partial differential equations (PDEs) using large-scale parallel machines with thousands of processors. He has written a total of 14 papers on this topic, ranging from the theoretical aspects to its many applications. Many of these papers have been published in prestigious and highly cited journals, such as the SIAM Review, the SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, and Mathematics of Computation. He has gained significant recognition in the international domain decomposition community, having been plenary speaker at the 23rd international Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods.

Dr. Kwok has also been a contributing author to the proceedings of the same conference series for six editions. He has been invited to be speaker at six other international conferences in Europe, Canada and Hong Kong.

Since joining the University, Dr. Kwok has obtained Early Career Scheme and General Research Fund grants totalling HK$1,059,351 and one National Natural Science Foundation of China Young Researcher’s grant of RMB180,000 in addition to various travel and Faculty Research Grants, enabling him to fully develop his research programme. Having graduated one MPhil student in 2017, Dr. Kwok is currently supervising one PhD student and also working with a postdoctoral researcher on the numerical solution of optimal control problems under PDE constraints.

Dr. Kwok has laid a solid foundation of research achievement with huge potential to scale new heights in his future academic career. Hence the Selection Committee deems him fully deserving of the President’s Award for Outstanding Performance as Young Researcher.