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Dr. Wong Ka Leung, Gary
Department of Chemistry
Dr. Gary Wong’s research is truly innovative, creative and cutting-edge, ranging from fundamental to frontier topics and from pure to applied themes. He is widely considered as a rising star in his field of lanthanide-based materials for optoelectronic and bio-imaging applications. His record of achievement is first rate, with a strong publication record and a rapidly developing citation profile. He has been highly successful in obtaining funding for his research and is frequently invited to speak at international conferences all over the world.

Dr. Wong started his independent research group from 2011 in the University. He has published over 95 papers with a substantial number appearing in prestigious international referred journals including the Nature Biomedical Engineering, Nature Communications, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America and the Journal of the American Chemical Society as corresponding author. His research is well recognised with a citation count of more than 2,500 and an H-index of 32 in Google Scholar. He was also awarded an international prize, the 2015 European Rare Earth and Actinide Society (ERES) Junior Award, presented by the European Rare Earth and Actinide Society in recognition of his achievements and his contributions to the f-block elements field. Dr. Wong was the only Asia-based candidate for the triennial prize. His scientific leadership was a key factor in gaining the award.

Dr. Wong’s research has been supported by his success in securing more than HK $4 million of external funding in the capacity of Principal Investigator from the General Research Fund, the Early Career Scheme and the Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Fund since 2012. He has been proactive in collaboration with overseas scholars and has secured exchange funding in France and the UK in the past two years. Dr. Wong has also put his research into practical applications, and has applied for three patents, one of which has been accepted by the US authority, focusing on the uses of the Selective Cancer Tracking Eradicator.

Dr. Wong has been actively involved in the professional community, serving on the scientific advisory committee for workshops and conferences, including the International Symposium for Phosphor Materials and Applications. He has also been selected as a member of the international advisory board for the Multidisciplinary Chemistry Journal in ChemPlusChem, an international journal with an impact factor of 3.026. Dr. Wong has been invited to give more than 30 lectures globally, including in the US, UK, France, Poland, Japan and Singapore, clearly attesting to his rising renown in his speciality field.

Dr. Wong’s remarkable record demonstrates his truly outstanding research output both in quality and quantity, and an exceptional achievement for a scientist of his young age. Hence he is eminently qualified to receive the President’s Award for Outstanding Young Researcher.