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Dr. Yuan Xiaoming
Department of Mathematics
The Selection Committee this year acknowledges Dr. Yuan Xiaoming as an outstanding young researcher in view of his significant contributions in the area of optimization. He and his collaborators have made main contributions to some influential numerical algorithms, including the first result proving the convergence rate of the alternating direction method of multipliers in the convex optimization literature which is a theoretical problem that has perplexed mathematicians for more than three decades. His research results are important in several disciplines such as optimization, numerical analysis, image processing, machine learning, computer vision and statistics.

As a rising mathematician, Dr. Yuan has published around 50 papers, 14 of which have appeared in top-tiered refereed journals including the SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis and SIAM Journal on Optimization, an unusual achievement for a researcher of his young age.

Dr. Yuan holds an impressive record of a 100% success rate in applying for a General Research Fund (GRF) as Principal Investigator. He has successfully applied for a GRF each year for the past four years. Apart from GRFs, he has reaped competitive research grants from the National Science Foundation of China and State Education Ministry of China.

As a forerunner in the field of optimization and operations research, Dr. Yuan receives repeated invitations to serve the professional community. He has been an invited speaker to a number of international conferences and workshops. He serves as regular reviewer for all major journals in optimization. He also serves as reviewer for grant applications and acts as jury member for awards in his community. These services provide further proof of his progress towards a leadership position in the field.

The Selection Committee commends Dr. Yuan as an outstanding young researcher with high potential to excel in his research area in the international scene, and therefore recommends him to receive the President’s Award for Outstanding Young Researcher.