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Prof. Leung Yiu Wing
Department of Computer Science
Professor Leung Yiu Wing stands out as a self-motivated, committed and caring teacher who commands high respect from his students and colleagues. He is capable of stimulating students’ learning interest with lively and innovative pedagogies. With a profound knowledge of the discipline, Professor Leung is known to be very effective and innovative in explaining abstract concepts and advanced technologies, often incorporating practical live examples in his teaching materials. It is not a surprise that students regard Professor Leung as one of the teachers who contributes most to their knowledge development and intellectual enhancement.

Professor Leung has attained excellent classroom teaching performance over many years as evidenced by the very positive feedback from students and the popularity of the courses he teaches. Here are some of the "quoted" comments of his students in the Teaching Evaluation:

  • "Professor Leung is an exceptional teacher with excellent subject matter knowledge. He is also able to answer relevant questions outside the scope. Most precious is his teaching technique. He is able to present complicated concepts in a systematic, organized and easy-to-understand manner with daily life analogies. Interest is aroused. We’re glad to have him teach this subject!"
  • "Professor Leung’s world wide web course is one of my favourite courses in HKBU. He introduces concept by real case, very easy to understand and remember. He cares about students’ feedback much and is very nice and likes to answer students’ questions in and out of class."
  • "Professor Leung teaches us with patience and by heart and very helpful … [Excellent]"
  • "Professor Leung has showed the heart in teaching."
  • "梁教授十分有創意。他將文字內容轉成圖像,令同學易於吸引及理解。大大增加上課的趣味性。"
As the Programme Director of MSc in Information Technology Management, Professor Leung is highly appreciated for his significant contributions to the launching, growth and quality assurance of the Programme. Under Professor Leung’s able leadership, the Programme has continuously increased its student intakes and is updated with outcome-based curricula and enriched with new learning opportunities. Professor Leung also plays a leading role in developing new courses for both the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes offered by the Department throughout the years.

The Selection Committee highly commends Professor Leung’s outstanding performance in teaching which is exemplary in many ways. His untiring efforts towards teaching excellence make him a most deserving recipient of this Award.