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Dr. Shiu Kwok Keung, Dr. Li Hung Wing, Dr. Ho Koon Sing, Gray
Department of Chemistry
The Department of Chemistry has identified Analytical Science as one of the two focused areas for development towards excellence in both teaching and research. With the support of a Teaching Development Grant, a team of three members in the Department developed an innovative collaborative teaching project entitled “Development of Question Bank for Proficiency Test and Mobile Application in Analytical Science.”

With the concerted effort of the team members, the mobile application entitled “Analytical Chemistry Challenge” was launched in April 2017. The application provides students with a platform in learning chemistry through a blended and personalised approach. It also serves as an alternative means for teachers to receive students’ feedback and compare their performance. Usage of the application has extended far beyond the University to encompass the local and overseas education arena. As a testament to the application’s impact, in less than a year’s time, around 1,700 people in 120 countries have tried out the application.

Specifically “Analytical Chemistry Challenge” is a multiple-choice quiz to assess students’ knowledge of analytical science. The application covers all the core content in the Department’s courses on Analytical Chemistry, Instrumental Analysis and Food Analysis. It is a self-assessment tool that provides a unique way to assess students’ relative mastery of chemistry with a complete explanation of both correct and incorrect options offered for all questions. It is also a way to track individual performance including solutions with full explanations as well as the percentage of questions that are answered correctly and incorrectly. The application strengthens understanding of all the key concepts covered in lectures. The response from users of the application has been highly positive. Students say that the application is convenient, provides questions for them to work out, and is useful for revision.

While the application currently covers three of the Department’s courses, the team is actively working on advancing the application to other subjects in the discipline.

In view of the broad-based success of the “Analytical Chemistry Challenge” application as a useful and popular tool for enhancing learning and teaching, the Selection Committee recommends the team for the President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Team Teaching.